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Review: “A Girl Named Digit” by Annabel Monaghan

September 16, 2013

Farrah Higgins, also known as Digit, is in for a life-changing adventure a few weeks before her high school graduation. She is known as Digit because she is a math genius, which is what gets her into “trouble.” While at a friend’s house watching a TV show she sees a series of numbers in the corner of the TV screen. The next time she watches the show, she sees more numbers. While figuring out the code, a terrorist attack occurs, and she is convinced the code has something to do with it. She tells her math professor father, who then takes her to the FBI. They initially think her idea is a bit far fetched. Not to be deterred, Farrah pursues her hunches, which land her back at the FBI in a suspenseful and, somewhat romantic, journey with a young FBI agent, John Bennett. “A Girl Named Digit” is for anyone interested in suspense and adventure, with a bit of romance.

School Library Journal recommends this book for grades 9 and up.

-Angie K., Volunteer

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