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Review: “Endangered” by Eliot Schrefer

January 7, 2013
Sophie is not your typical teen.  She grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo before moving to the States when she was eight years old.  Now she spends summers at her mother’s sanctuary for rescued bonobos. Only after rescuing an infant bonobo herself, does she truly begin to understand her mother’s love and passion for trying to save the species.

Endangered” by Eliot Schrefer follows Sophie the summer a revolution breaks out and armed men (kata-kata) overrun the government and her mother’s beloved sanctuary.  On the run with Otto, the baby bonobo she rescued, Sophie learns from the other escaped bonobos their social hierarchy and just how to survive in the Congo forests.  “Endangered” is a fantastic book about survival during conflict and the bond that can formed between humans and animals.

School Library Journal recommends this book for grades 8 and up.
–Becky M., HQ

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