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Review: “Bomb” by Steve Sheinkin

December 10, 2012

bombOnce upon a time when the whole world was about to erupt into war, scientists discovered that nuclear particles could cause uranium atoms to split into two. Nothing has ever been the same since.

Not for the faint of heart, “Bomb,” by Steve Sheinkin is the gripping and compelling story of the race to build the first nuclear weapon during World War II. As soon as world powers discovered that such a weapon might be possible, they feverishly started research.  Scientists mysteriously disappeared overnight, and a well-guarded compound was developed in Los Alamos, New Mexico where testing and development was worked on almost around the clock. Secret agents went into action all over Europe and Great Britain to prevent Germany from creating nuclear materials.

In the mean time, Russia was furiously trying to, and successfully procuring detailed information about the development of the atomic bomb from scientists in the US, laying down the framework for the Cold War that followed WW II and lasted into the 1980’s.  In a story that spans from Europe to America to Japan, involves multiple governments and ultimately takes the lives of thousands, Sheinkin pulls together a myriad of sources and presents them in a compelling, edge-of-your-seat read. With the flavor of science fiction horrifically come to life, “Bomb” reveals the dark side of science and leaves the reader wondering what will happen in the future with so many nuclear weapons in the hands of too many unstable and hostile governments.

School Library Journal recommends this book for grades 5 and up.

–Andrea W., H.Q.

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