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Review: “Nerd Girls: The Rise of the Dorkasaurus” by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

November 19, 2012

Ah! The bewildering, overwhelming world of middle school where the ThreePees (pretty, popular and perfect) reign and torment the dorks; namely Maureen (overweight), Alice (asthmatic) and Beanpole (the klutz). After the ThreePees try to trigger a life-threatening asthmatic attack for Alice and post a humiliating video of Maureen on YouTube, the three bond together in the search for revenge. While the characters are fairly stereotypical, the development of the friendship between the girls is warm, especially as Maureen begins to realize the benefits and responsibilities of having friends for the first time. “Nerd Girls” is a simple, humorous peek into the angst of entering the teen years.

School Library Journal recommends this book for grades 5-8.

-Pat F., Grand Glaize


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