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Tangerine by Edward Bloor

November 9, 2009

Tangerine ImageDid anyone ever tell you not to stare at a solar eclipse? Well, that’s how Paul Fisher messed up his eyesight, at least that’s what his parents told him.

Paul’s parents are okay overall, but his dad is obsessed with helping his older brother, Erik, land a football scholarship and doesn’t even come to Paul’s soccer games. His mom totally ruins his chances for playing at his new school when she gets an IEP for Paul. Now, because Paul is “handicapped” he isn’t allowed to play for the team. But a natural disaster gives him a chance to start over, again, at yet another school. This school is a tough school, and Paul thinks he’ll probably be teased because of his glasses. He’s not afraid, though; he knows he can win over the guys (and girls) on his team. In fact, the only thing Paul Fisher is afraid of is his brother, Erik, who has a deranged side that his parents don’t seem to notice, or just ignore. He thinks Erik was involved somehow in damaging his eyesight… but he can’t seem to remember…

A perfect read for middle schoolers, pick up Tangerine if you like mysteries or sports fiction. On second thought, just pick it up if you love good books.

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